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Comprehension – D

Comprehension – D

In this session, we will cover Comprehension constructs that will be tested on the ACAP this spring.

    • ACSS 25: Identify statements in informational texts as facts or opinions.
    • ACSS 26: Use text comparisons (text to text, text to self, and text to world) to make meaning.
    • ACSS 27: Read prose, poetry, and dramas, identifying the literary devices used by the author to convey meaning.


What you’ll learn

  • Use prior knowledge and/or details from the text to distinguish fact from opinions.
  • Use information gathered from research to evaluate opinions.
  • Use prior knowledge to determine similarities between texts they are reading and texts they have previously read.
  • Compare different versions of the same story.

Sample Class Format

  • Introduction (5 min)
  • Instruction (50 min)
  • Break (10 min)
  • Review & Practice (55 min)
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