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Reading and Arts Summer Camp

Reading and Arts Summer Camp

Make this summer an educational experience your student will always remember at our A.R.T.S (Accelerated Readiness through Thinking and Strategy!) Excelerate camp. Your child will join kids of similar ages and interests for an engaging and amazing camp centering around reading and the arts! Attendees will participate in an inviting youth book club; learn skill and strategy in literacy and comprehension; participate in engaging art and musical activities; learn to hone critical thinking skills; and more!


Class Requirements

  • Campers must be going into the 3rd-5th grade this upcoming school year.

What you’ll learn

  • Campers will learn the basics of decoding and encoding words to become fluent readers.
  • Campers will be exposed to a variety of different texts, including both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Campers will explore cross-curricular learning opportunities to make them adaptable readers.
  • Campers will hone their critical thinking skills to connect real world situations to different works of literature.
  • Campers will make connections between art and music to various works of literature.
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