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Where Academic Excellence is the Norm

Welcome to Better Than Average Tutoring

At BTA, our passionate tutors provide quality academic assistance that meets each student at their level. Our approach to instructional support fosters engaging learning experiences that encourage students to become confident, independent learners. At any age and any skill level, our teaching methods prioritize the student experience, using tailored services to meet their needs, preferences, and goals.

Personalized instruction unique to each student’s needs
Peer mentorship and mindset enhancement
Monthly challenges to incentivize students and make learning fun
Placement testing to create the perfect tutoring program
Learning for All Ages

We offer tutoring for Pre-K through high school and beyond, including support for a variety of subject areas, ACT prep, GED exams, workplace skills, and professional development.

Student-Centered Approach

In any academic field, we first want to make learning fun for our students. Then, we build self-confidence. With personalized pathways, we will get our learners where they need to be!

Online & In-Person Tutoring

We provide quality in-person and online tutoring to meet the needs, comforts, and requests of our students. We’re always adaptable, and we take time to understand each learner.

Developing Core Competencies

We align people and technology through the use of results-driven assessments, observations, and feedback. But we never lose sight of the individual: their strengths, needs, and goals.

Peer Mentorship

Our skilled tutors are not only high academic achievers—many have also been in our learners’ shoes. As both tutors and peer mentors, we prioritize developing truly meaningful connections.

Transparency & Communication

As Montgomery locals, we have a true desire to build leaders in our communities. That starts with regular parent and guardian communication, so you can follow your student’s progress.

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Dive Deeper Into Our Popular Programs

a woman sitting at a desk
a woman sitting at a desk

Personalized Tutoring Programs

When you start your journey with us, you or your child will receive a personalized tutoring program based on an initial assessment. This assessment helps us identify areas that students need assistance with, then design a plan to strengthen them. We work closely with students in individual or small group settings, adapting our approach to suit different learning styles. We track progress and celebrate milestones with parents and students, and we’re always providing new opportunities to showcase our students’ achievements!

a blackboard sign next to a person
a blackboard sign next to a person

Math Tutoring

BTA offers both private math tutoring and online math tutoring to help learners at any point along their academic journey. We understand that every student develops their math skills in their own unique learning style, which is why we personalize our curriculum, starting with the basics. Whether you have a child who needs homework help or grade improvement, they will learn to solve math problems more easily with a range of techniques in a nurturing environment.

English Tutoring

We offer a wide range of support for English classes of all levels, both online and in-person in our Montgomery learning center. We can help children and young adults develop their English language skills, writing, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and more. We can even help adult learners develop their business English skills, whether they are native speakers or on their language learning journey.

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Start Your Journey to Lifelong Learning Today

Is your student feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated in the classroom? Let us help! Our peer tutors aim to build relationships with our students to make learning more engaging and relatable. We strive to show our students their potential and to strengthen confidence in their capabilities by celebrating their achievements.

Whether you’re a parent or a student, whether you’re interested in virtual or in-person tutoring, BTA is ready to be your partner in success. Our team of dedicated, Montgomery-local tutors is excited to help you exceed your goals. In a world where so many are fighting to be “Average” we believe in doing more than what’s expected—so join us and transform your relationship to learning today!

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