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Pre-K through 12th Grade
Help Your Child Love Language Arts

Skilled English Tutors in Montgomery, AL

The ability to express ourselves is one of our greatest strengths and greatest gifts. Confident writers and speakers have shaped our world since the beginning, giving voice to new ideas and speaking truth to power. But because the language arts can feel so abstract, it can be frustrating for parents and students alike to address problems in this subject matter at school.

If your child struggles to build their vocabulary, wield the mechanics of writing, or organize their ideas, English tutoring with BTA can empower them to succeed. Our personalized curriculum meets students at their level, uncovering trouble areas and building confidence to communicate at any age.

Build Core Competencies at Any Level

BTA offers both private English tutoring and small group sessions, which can be adapted for online or in-person pathways.

Pre-K Math Head Start

Enrich your child’s early communication skills with BTA! We can help young learners with their alphabet, sounds and rhymes, and more.

Elementary (K-5th)

Students will learn the building blocks of words, sentences, and stories, exploring meaning and expression through the subjects that interest them most.

Middle (6th-8th)

As students prepare for high school, we can help them dig deeper into grammar, vocabulary, and the critical thinking skills they need to navigate the world of words around them.

High (9th-12th)

To succeed in college and beyond, students need to understand how to form persuasive arguments, analyze different types of media, and organize their ideas. Our tutors can help!

Why Choose Us

What Sets Better Than Average Tutoring Apart

At BTA, we’re here to turn even the biggest challenges into achievable goals. English may not be a subject of black-and-white, right-or-wrong answers. But we have the tools to set concrete goals and make measurable progress at any grade level. Parents will receive regular progress reports, outlining their child’s achievements and areas of improvement for next time. This collaboration has led parents to nominate us as a 5-Star Top Tutoring Center. You’ll never have to wonder what’s next when you work with BTA!

Our peer tutors come from Montgomery and are trained on Alabama state education standards. That means they have not only the expertise to help your child but the personal experience of being in their shoes. Each learner that passes through our doors is a member of our community, not just a number—and we can’t wait to see what amazing things they accomplish next!

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We’re Here to Answer Your English Tutoring Questions

All questions are welcome at Better Than Average Tutoring! If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to send us a message or call (334) 802-1315.

Yes, we’re happy to support children who are learning English as a second language! While we typically only work with Pre-K through 12th grade English & language arts students, we may be able to accommodate adult learners in specific circumstances. Please reach out to us directly to inquire about availability.
Our tutors can personalize English instruction to meet your child’s individual needs. That could mean helping them with spelling issues, vocabulary building, grammar and sentence structure, writing, or reading. To see how an English tutor can help your child, schedule a diagnostic assessment with Better Than Average Tutoring today!
Each student has different needs, which impacts the overall pricing of your tutoring package. We personalize our recommendations for tutoring frequency and subject areas to each child, based on a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. If you’d like more information about average costs and package options, call our team to get started! We’re happy to answer your questions.
Discover Your Child’s Needs

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With our unique diagnostic assessment, we can precisely pinpoint what your child needs to excel. Then, we’ll develop a personalized curriculum to strengthen their skills.

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Empower Your Child with English Tutoring

At Better Than Average Tutoring, we believe that every student has something unique and important to say. We’re here to help them find their voice and reach the next level. Whether they’re starting to think about composing college application essays or you simply want to give them the best possible start at a young age, we’re ready to develop a plan!

If you’d like to find out more about how our programs can help your student grow, contact us today!

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