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Corporate Partnerships
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Let Us Support Your Organization: Tutoring Near Montgomery, AL

Since 2019, Better Than Average Tutoring has served Alabama’s River Region, catering to the needs of a diverse population of students both in-person and online. Our staff has worked with many school-aged students, as well as those in more advanced life stages who seek to pursue higher education or workplace skills. While the abilities, ages, and walks of life of these students have varied greatly, our mission for every student has remained the same—to provide quality services that aim to meet each learner right where they are.

We strive not only to provide world-class tutoring services in our office but also to bring our approach to students in other organizations, schools, and school districts in the form of corporate partnerships. Our team works to create lessons that are interactive, fun, personalized, and challenging so that each student feels a sense of confidence in his or her ability to learn. If you’re interested in partnering with us, reach out to BTA and tell us about your needs today!

How Corporate Partnerships Can Help You Grow

No two corporate partnerships with BTA look alike. We customize workshops based on the gaps and goals you share with us. Skills we can build include:

After-School Program Visits

Let our highly skilled tutors come to your after-school program to help your students grow in a variety of subjects, like math, English, reading, science, history, and more!

Homework Help

We are happy to partner with Alabama home school groups, private schools, and public school districts to offer homework help services to students in need. Let’s bridge gaps together!

Workplace Skills

For young people just starting out in the professional world or for older learners looking to start new opportunities, BTA can provide workshops to set a foundation for success.

Tech & Digital Literacy

We bring young students and adult learners up to speed with essential computer literacy skills, enhancing confidence, communication, and adaptability in the digital age.

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Why Choose Us

What Sets Better Than Average Tutoring Apart

At BTA, we know that anyone can learn and that different learners need different tools to succeed and understand. That is why we approach teaching and tutoring with varied methods of instruction, including lecture and dialogue, small group activities, PowerPoints, checkpoint quizzes, and printed take-home reference materials. We believe that learning can be fun, so we also frequently use games as a way to assess learning. After a workshop with BTA, each participant receives a certificate of completion.

We also value the opinions of our learners! As a local, Alabama-based tutoring service, we know how much community involvement truly matters. That’s why we provide each participant with a survey so they can share feedback about their experience working with us. We use these surveys as tools to continually better our services—after all, we’re committed to ongoing education not only for our students but for ourselves, too.

Let’s Get Started

Tell Us About Your Organization’s Needs

If you lead an organization in South Alabama and would like to learn more about how a corporate partnership with BTA could benefit you, contact us today.

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Play to Your Group’s Strengths with BTA

If you need help engaging and elevating young learners in your area, contact BTA! We can customize a partner program to suit the unique needs of your school, after-school program, child care center, home school group, or other organization. Let us support your ongoing efforts to invest in the young people and lifelong learners who make up Alabama’s diverse and vibrant communities.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help learners throughout Alabama succeed together, ask about a corporate partnership with BTA today!

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