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Online & In-Person ACT Test Prep in Montgomery, AL

Imagine your child waking up on ACT test day feeling cool and confident—it’s possible with preparation! Preparing for the ACT requires a combination of subject matter study and test-taking skills that will ensure your student knows how to maximize their time and defeat test anxiety. Get them ready to achieve the kind of score that will unlock their college dreams!

A student eager to learn can achieve greatness on the ACT with Better Than Average Tutoring. We provide 1:1 instruction, personalized pathways, expert lesson plans, and in-depth expertise across all subject areas of the ACT. Students bring what they know and what they want to accomplish, and we will do the rest!

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ACT Tutoring for All Sections & Subjects

We offer in-depth, personalized ACT tutoring focused on individual subject areas, as well as comprehensive instruction to build fundamental test-taking skills across the board.

ACT English Help

Tutors help students brush up on grammar rules, strengthen text analysis, boost vocabulary, and learn test-taking strategies that improve accuracy and efficiency.

ACT Math Help

Boost your child’s skills and confidence in core math concepts by exploring problem-solving techniques and proven time-management strategies that help them conquer any problem.

ACT Reading Help

Together, we’ll refine your student’s active reading skills, explore passage analysis methods, and practice pacing strategies to enhance comprehension and raise scores.

ACT Science Help

Don’t sweat the science. Through focused preparation, your child will sharpen their data interpretation and scientific reasoning skills, learning how to break down complex questions.

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Why Choose Us

What Sets Better Than Average Tutoring Apart

As a top-rated and award-winning tutoring center in Montgomery, AL, we go above and beyond the online practice tests and test books. Our tutors personalize instruction to your child’s unique needs, discovering the areas where they already shine and places where they are struggling. Not only will they receive individualized help on specific subject matter. They’ll also learn fundamental test-taking skills that they can carry with them into college and beyond.

Our tutors have all been in your child’s shoes. Each has their own story of academic achievement through perseverance, which allows them to be both instructors and peer mentors. We’re a Montgomery-local tutoring service that invites your child to become a member of our community. Our learners are never just another filled seat to us—they’re eager young people who we can’t wait to help chase their dreams!

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Get Answers to Your Questions About ACT Prep

All questions are welcome at Better Than Average Tutoring! If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to send us a message or call (334) 802-1315.

Yes! We offer both online ACT tutoring and in-person tutoring here in our Montgomery learning center. We’re committed to meeting your student wherever they are—academically and geographically! Your student will receive the same one-on-one, personalized attention no matter which pathway they choose.
Every session will be different, but all sessions will consist of individualized or small group (2-3 students) attention to student needs and will build on previous lessons and skills. During the sessions, our tutors will review prior content before introducing new material to gauge what students have learned or still need to work on.

We encourage our learners to take notes, especially with key points, and ask questions, so that we can assist them with different concepts. Our tutors will communicate what was covered during the session, as well as any strengths and areas for improvement they may have observed. Students will also be given extra practice to reinforce what they have learned.

Though we can never promise that your child will receive their exact desired score, we can equip them with the strongest chance of achieving their goals. We work with students on an individual level to target areas of development and boost their test-taking confidence. Textbook knowledge is only half the battle—we also help students develop the skills, strategies, and self-assurance they need to shine on test day.
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With our unique diagnostic assessment, we can precisely pinpoint what your child needs to excel. Then, we’ll develop a personalized curriculum to strengthen their skills.

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The ACT is about more than multiple choice. As they prepare for this test, the skills your child develops will set them up for success throughout college and throughout life. Give them the tools they need to walk into that test center stress-free and ready to achieve. With Better Than Average Tutoring on their side, they’ll feel prepared as they get ready to embark on their future.

If you’d like to find out more about how our programs can help your student grow, contact us today!

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