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Personalized Online Tutoring in Montgomery, AL

We have our own software for these sessions. Online tutoring is not the same as online learning as it is only the student and tutor. It is convenient because students can do this at any time at the comfort of their home. It is interactive so the instructor and student can draw on the screen, etc. Recordings are also a benefit of our virtual tutoring so you can re-watch previous learned material.

At Better Than Average Tutoring, we offer the same great, individualized tutoring services in both in-person and virtual settings. From Pre-K to 12th grade and beyond, we can help any learner develop their skills and excel in any academic endeavor.

Online Learning for All Academic Subjects

At BTA, we offer both one-on-one private tutoring and small-group sessions online. We’re happy to help at any age, with any subject matter, to meet Alabama curriculum standards.

Online Math Tutoring

We’re passionate about STEAM education at BTA. We’ll help your child master critical math concepts and develop problem-solving skills they can take with them throughout their lives.

Online English Tutoring

From building a young reader’s love of language to helping high schoolers analyze literature, our tutors are ready to help learners express themselves and engage with the world around them.

Online Reading Tutors

Our fun and engaging online reading programs can transform your child into a skilled reader and lover of learning. Break through reading barriers with our tutors!

Online ACT Prep

Let BTA equip your high school scholar with the skills and self-assurance they need to tackle the ACT in confidence. Boost those scores and turn down the stress with help from our skilled tutors!

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Why Choose Us

What Sets Better Than Average Tutoring Apart

Our approach meets students where they are, celebrating the areas where they shine and excel and pinpointing the precise areas where they struggle. We adapt instruction to meet those needs, providing each student with a personalized lesson plan and progress reports that track success in real time. We’re also happy to work with your child’s teacher for homework help or grade improvement strategies across multiple subjects.

We’re an award-winning, Top 3 local tutoring company with a strong passion for helping students in Alabama unlock their full potential. In fact, we’re the only tutoring center in Alabama to have 100+ 5-star Google Reviews. In addition to our Pre-K through 12th-grade tutoring, we also offer online GED tutoring, ASVAB help, and corporate skill-building workshops for adults. Get in touch with our team to learn more about what we can do for you!

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FAQs About Our Online Tutoring Programs

All questions are welcome at Better Than Average Tutoring! If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to send us a message or call (334) 802-1315.

Yes! Our tutors help students understand concepts and instructions relevant to their homework to make things clearer and easier for them to understand. We will review, assist, and provide strategies to get to the answer, but we do not do the work for our students. That way, they build the skills to take on the next assignment with confidence and clarity.
We cannot guarantee that our students will have the same tutor for every session, but all of our tutors are exceptionally knowledgeable, hard-working, and able to deliver the same standard of instruction. We strive to help our learners establish positive connections with their tutors and encourage parents to communicate with us if their students encounter anything that does not exceed those expectations.
Our tutors highly recommend that our learners always come prepared mentally and physically. All learners (both in-person and virtual) are encouraged to have completed the extra practice assigned from previous sessions, as well as bring any questions they have about material they are struggling with.

For our virtual students, please make sure that you are in a distraction-free environment and have learning materials nearby. That may include notes, books, handouts, and other materials from their regular school curriculum if they are seeing us for our Homework Help or Grade Improvement programs.

Homework must be uploaded at least 20 minutes prior to the session to ensure our tutors have adequate time to help students with those materials.

Online tutoring is almost as—if not more—interactive than an in-person session. In the online meeting room, the student and the instructor meet through Vision: our engaging and easy-to-use virtual software. With Vision, we are able to offer a dynamic tutoring experience for virtual students. Plus, all sessions are recorded, so students can refer back to the session anytime they need a refresher.
Online tutoring means you can enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home. Simply join a virtual meeting room through our software. If there is a specific assignment or content that you would like to cover during the session, share it with us beforehand. With our virtual meeting room tools, we will be able to mark it up on the screen, making the virtual experience more engaging and immersive for our students.
We know that virtual learning was rough for most in 2020. However, online tutoring is much different than virtual learning in a classroom setting. For starters, it’s just you and the tutor so there is no room to disengage or get distracted. Also, all of the content is geared towards the student’s specific challenges so the learning is more catered to their needs.
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With our unique diagnostic assessment, we can precisely pinpoint what your child needs to excel. Then, we’ll develop a personalized curriculum to strengthen their skills.

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Fun, Flexible, and Effective Tutoring Online

At BTA, we understand that every child learns in their own way, and every family has unique needs when it comes to academic support. That’s why we offer online pathways with the same great tutors and tutoring methods. Our approach is compassionate, transparent, and data-driven, so you’ll always know how your child is progressing and what’s on the horizon.

If you’d like to find out more about how our programs can help your student grow, contact us today!

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