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Will YOU let the pandemic further delay your child’s education?
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Will YOU let the pandemic further delay your child’s education?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on the value of education that children across the country have received, especially in low-income families. Let’s take a look at the facts:

    • Emma García and Elaine Wess of the Economic Policy Institute reported that “decreased learning time has likely [delayed] student learning,” especially since most teachers who worked remotely opted to assign worksheets instead of actively teaching students.
    • Paul Reville, in an interview with The Harvard Gazette, reported that “[Some] students [didn’t] have access to anything of quality, and as a result will be at an enormous disadvantage” as opposed to the few students that were able to experience face-to-face learning. Considering the number of parents who opted for their children to be virtual during the 2020-2021 school year, parents must understand that students did not receive the quality education they deserved instead of what they could have received while learning traditionally.
    • Marcella Bombardieri of POLITICO stated that “millions of students have to be supported to catch up academically and process trauma.” While thousands of parents tried their hardest to be there for their children during the pandemic, it was still not enough to keep students’ heads above water.

School systems across the world simply cannot do it by themselves. As stated in the Brown Center Chalkboard, “…primary and secondary education systems face unprecedented challenges in meeting students’ academic needs.” Additionally, “millions of students in the United States are behind grade level” and suffer “learning losses that could last a lifetime.” It would be wise to note the writers’ highlight that when it comes to fixing this issue, “tutoring comes to mind.” Educators themselves have even stated that “tutoring ranks among the most widespread, versatile, and potentially transformative instruments within today’s educational toolkit.” The article goes so far as to mention that students who receive tutoring services are “typically different” than those who do not. Naturally, parents are looking for affordable, educational alternatives to traditional learning. For this reason, several parents have made the wise decision to enroll their children in Better Than Average Tutoring, the most affordable tutoring company in the city.

Source: “Tutoring: A time-tested solution to an unprecedented pandemic” Brookings. Retrieved 13 July 2021.

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