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Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

In this session, we will cover Phonological & Phonemic Awareness constructs that will be tested on the ACAP this spring. 

    • ACSS 7: Demonstrate advanced phonemic awareness skills in spoken words.


What you’ll learn

  • Delete phonemes in initial and final blends of a spoken words.
  • Substitute phonemes in initial and final blends in a spoken word.
  • Reverse phonemes in a spoken word.
  • In a series of words, apply phoneme chaining that changes only one sound at a time to show addition, deletion, substitution and resequencing of sounds from one word to the next.
  • Use knowledge of syllable and affix substitution and deletion to demonstrate morphological changes.

Sample Class Format

  • Introduction (5 min)
  • Instruction (50 min)
  • Break (10 min)
  • Review & Practice (55 min)
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